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Filibuster Busting the Play

Filibuster Busting The Play

I wrote this blog once this morning. It is best that I lost it in cyberspace. Saying I lost it applies on so many levels. Checking in with CNN as usual I saw the Play of The Day.  Amending the Filibuster rule.  Thank God!  If We The People could have a way to instantly text the congress whether on not we agree or disagree with an idea, imagine what a stir that would cause! Like on The Voice we could have 10 minutes to text the Senate to tell them save the Filibuster or dump it! Wow! What instant feedback that would be.

The filibuster was historically a procedure in the Senate established during a time when statesmanship ruled over brinkmanship. In case I need to define these terms. Statesmanship was the art of negotiation.  I thought it was a win/win way of problem solving through somewhat elegant communication. Brinkmanship is the new term to describe the BS going on in DC. It is a gaming term. It is about strategy to win the game. Win at all costs.  In recent brinkmanship ploys we have seen Senator Rand Paul to quote CNN “rand on and on and on.” This got him a lot of attention and free press. That is what he wants as he wants President Obama’s job he thinks he is the guy to do it better! Even if it means stopping the Senate in in it’s track through the use of the filibuster.  Both annoyed and impressed by his ability to talk for 13 hours I occasionally tuned in to see what anyone would say for that long. When I saw his staff had prepared him a notebook of ridiculous unrelated material including reading Alice in Wonderland, I was really angered at this mans tantrum.  His tantrum to stop government in its tracks cost us, we the tax payer lots of money.

Not to be out done. Along came another mantrum or tantrum which ever you prefer. In the form of baby Senator Ted Cruz. I hate to even use his name as I know his only goal is to get famous so he too can get more power and control and win the game.  He is copycat Cruz. He had to out do Senator Paul by talking an additional 10 hours. To do so he age regressed and read Green Eggs and Ham.  He had missed his own bedtime story staying up so late bringing the government to a halt and wasting time and once again money.

This is not a democrat or republican rally. It is only continued concern about the Dysfunction in DC.  These self severing Narcissists (NPD) shut our government down. Cost us millions, embarrassed us as a nation.   So to cry foul when the Senate has to change the rules so the Senate can get back on track is crazy.  Speaking of crazy let me be a bit more clinically specific. These game players under their brinkmanship gaming stuff are double talking themselves and us into a trance. This double talk is a type of brainwashing. We are all falling into a trance.

When a lie is repeated over and over again the teller and the listener can start to believe that it is true. It is a type of brainwashing. Slogans do this, affirmations do this, marketing does this, the military does this, abusive people do this and congress does this.  The nest time you hear one of the tantrum kings talk on the news, listen to what they are saying for only 3 minutes. I assure you that is plenty. Then write down what you thought you heard them say. I know your eyes have glossed over and you most likely can not find a pen because you are in a trance! If you can manage to write it down, you will be surprised to see they said nothing! Double talk and loop again.

I do not want to blame Wolf Blitzer and some of my other favorite CNN reporters, I have seen them try to get these people to get to the point!  I have heard in frustration reporters ask “just answer yes or no!”  But the DC people can not  or rarely can do that.   If they did that they would go off message.  They would break their brainwashing script being used on We The People.  A lie is a lie no matter how many times or different ways you try to tell it. Save it!

We must break our own trance! When your trying to understand what is going on and you start to feel spacey, tiered and a bit confused, you are getting hypnotized, you are falling into a trance!  You need to break the trance. I teach trance busting. This may sound silly but a few simple tips to come out of the trance are to: stand up and shake your booty, get a glass of water and drink, throw your dog a bone or toy, play with your children, hold hands with your loved one. Blog, text, tell a joke. When you feel more back in your body and in the room. You will remember to change the channel to Jude Judy. I find great solace there. In Judge Judy’s world all is reasonable and justice is done. The Voice does this for me as I get to vote!

If our the founders of our government who created the filibuster could hear all the brinkmanship noise in DC they most certainly have their face to the ground in embarrassment.  This is not the Senate and government of our for fathers. The filibuster like many plays of the day are being misused for those who seek personal gain not the greater good for the country.