Dysfunction In DC

Capitol, Washington DC
Capitol, Washington DC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ask Dr. Katie

Psychological assessment of Washington DC

In reviewing the behavior of individual government legislators as individuals and the group as a whole I have developed a psychological profile.  In doing so I hope this can offer some perspective as why Washington DC can not work effectively together. If DC were my client I would start with a presenting problems list, so I will begin so here. There is a total incapacity to work together effectively. Here are some key issues I have noticed.

Problem List

EGO- self centered


False Pride


Power and Control


Look Good above do good

Can’t play well with others

Diagnostic Impression: 301.81   Narcissistic Personality Disorder

The criteria to diagnosis a narcissistic personality disorder according to the DSM-5 are:

A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior) need for attention, lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts as indicated by five of more of  the following.

1. Has a grandiose sense of self importance (e.g. exaggerates achievements and talents and expects to be recognized as superior, without having earned it.

2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance beauty or ideal love.

3. Believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by or should associate with other special people or high status people.

4. Requires excess admiration.

5.A sense of entitlement.

6. Is interpersonally exploitive (takes advantage of others to achieve own ends.

7. Lacks empathy: Is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others.

8. Is often envious of others are envious of him or her.

9. Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors and attitudes.

Remember, you only had to observe five of the nine traits out of your least favorite legislator to make the diagnosis.. I was able to see nine out of nine in most. You do not have to spend $50,000 on graduate school to get a PhD in psychology like I did to see the similarities to the narcissistic personality traits and the problem list which  I started the article. Washington DC is amuck with Narcissistic Personality Disorders! (NPD)

While the problem is vast the solution is two fold. We need to intervene to affect change in the individuals and we need to change the system to change the individuals. So what does that psychobabble mean?

Changing the individual NPD

“We the people” Americans whom the NPD  serve need to make a stronger impression on our legislators. In the worldview of the NPD they are the masters of the universe. They are great big balls of fire. To them we are tiny spects of sand. Meaningless really by ourselves. We only even appear on their foot when millions of us get together and make ourselves known.

It is easy to feel small and overwhelmed when our government seems to be making such an embarrassing mess out America.  I confess that I am a bit of a CNN junkie. When Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper are spending too much time talking to dysfunctional NPD’s in Washington DC I start to get overdosed.  When a reporter asks a question and the congress man or women does not answer “yes” or “no” but contuse to have diarrhea of the mouth I start to scream,!  I begin yelling at Wolf or Anderson to “shut off their microphone, cut them off!” or begging “please do not have that lying idiot on CNN again!” My husband points out that our dogs are hiding as they think they are in trouble. I realize I am not only talking to an inhuman objects, but I am getting stressed out!  I must at this point put myself in CNN detox. I start with hours. I then check the stories. If they are still talking about the government shutdown or Obama care I shut off the TV,  At times I have even switch the station to Judge Judy, a humiliating admission at best.

This is not to say tat “we the people” will blow away like sand through the hours glass. We are not helpless!  The only way to get the NPD to want to change is to blow sand in their eye. We must hold a realistic mirror up to their face and show them how we see them. They will not change their thinking or behavior because it is the right thing to do. They will change it to look good and maintain power and control!  So how can we do this?” We the people” need to make a lot of noise! Use social media. Tweet, blog, email, link, text even send a letter or fax. Yell if you need to! (not just at the T,V.)  Tell your representative what you think, what you want and what will happen if they do not get to work for you!!  But most importantly VOTE!  When I hear other people talking or complaining about politicians I always ask ” did you vote?”  More than half the time the answer is “no.” Usually following are a bunch of rather lame excuses like “I didn’t have time” or “I forgot” more often I hear “I do not like anyone of them to even vote for them.” That’s when I say “then vote them out!” To have a voice and the power to vote and to not use it is to simply give our America over to NPD and other Selfish individuals.  It is as if “we the people” have given up before we began.

The other reason we do not change the individual by changing who is in congress is the excuse that “I like my states congressmen, it’s the other states congress people that are nuts.”  I admit I am guilt of this one. I am from Oregon, and I really do like who we sent to DC. I do not want my State to loose seniority in the house or senate.  However, if it means losing seniority to gain sanity I am all for it!

Change the System

I think there should just e one 10 year term in office. Run once. Serve your term and your out of there.  If people were not always worried about getting re-elected I think they would get to work and do their jobs. The current influx of NPD is so profound that they have not only brainwashed themselves with their own BS but they have tried to brainwash each other. We just have to be sure that their repeated rhetoric does not brainwash us!

During the government shut down and the hostile fight over the affordable care act aka Obama care, I heard a Senator and a representatives state that the congress that past the bill should not have been able to vote. They were a “lame duck congress!” The logic here is because they were not running for office during that session they were not worried enough about what the voters thought.  These guys have their own shared  delusional believes. They are in fact psychotic on top of NPD.  They are so grandiose and self important that they believe that they  with no experience or understanding of how government works already knows more than everyone else that was there before them.That being said I think we would be hard pressed to find a representative or a Senator who would introduce a bill to limit the term served to ten years no reruns. That would be a tough change to make!

So my fellow Americans, what can we do to throw some sand in the eye’s of the NPD who turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the rue needs of most Americans? Vote, and make noise.  I have sat in the capitol building in DC at closing time when the halls are empty. I have looked around at the portraits and busks of Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and other great and righteous leaders. Where and when did we go wrong? Were the fathers of our country all NPD’s? I hope not! Lets all make a lot of noise!



3 thoughts on “Dysfunction In DC

  1. Katie,

    AWESOME Diagnosis !! I love it !!! I sent this to my mom as well as to my best friend to read. You’re the BEST !!!

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